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Changed from 5.0 to 5.3 and php 8.1 on the server, theme is slate/page and worked fine both on PC and Mobile devices. After changing it looked ok, but it is not possible to use the editor, and the main menu is not accessible on the phone. 


When login on the computer there is a line in the top saying {{Missing extra content "Info"}}. Have tried to access 'extra content* and the screen freezes!

Does anybody have suggestions how to solve this issue???

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The template is very old (gpeasy 2.4 and bootstrap 3.1.1) . You can switch the debugger on (gpconfig.php) : The Hamburger doesnt function under Xammp. I get no real php-errors but errors in the Javascript-console(In Firefox CTRL-Shift + K) : The fonts are not loaded (also not from local : Roboto) - Your Content Security Policy

* You can try to set in template.php (_data/_themes/...) line 29 and 30 from http to https.

** If You have manually installed ckeditor-plugins : Please remove them and replace them with newer versions (they may block ckeditor). Under xampp ckeditor functions with slate.

In RESPONSIVE DESIGN CHECKER Slate/page functions with limitations. I will have a look at it until tomorrow afternoon (evtl rewritten version - MIT).

P.S. Under appearance -> available themes is Bootstrap 4 1.0 , which allows in the Layout-Editor (in the site -> right top) to adjust nearly any kind of template.

Missing Extra content :  Many templates have such editable Extra - areas . The newest templates generate such areas during installation(from Typesetter 5.2 on).

*** In the CMS  just klick at "Content" -> extra content : At the bottom is  a field (editable text - add new area ) Just fill Info and klick at : add new area.

After that You have a gparea  Info with (Preview   Publish Draft   Dismiss Draft   Edit   Visibility   Delete) and filled with " Lorem ipsum.......".

Then klick at edit and change the content  and save (also possible in the template)

** In the footer are other areas ( gp Output::Get ('Extra' ,'Footer' ); )  : Footer ,  Footer2,  Footer3 . If You have many themes installed, they may have footer areas with the same name . Then it is better to rename the areas in template.php (Like : Footer_sl1, Footer_sl2) This template generates extra . Footer2.php and Footer3.php


P.S. I recommend filezilla portable - other clients may omit some file-types!  I installed slate 1.3  on my vserver and  found the hamburger-problem. The problem with fonts   disappeared after above https.

If the sreen freezes : have You updated the themes- and the addons-directories - also the plugins from web-installation (under _data/_addoncode and _data_/_themes). At the specific pluginpage (under supprt) are evtl. updated plugins (for installation under /addons). You should also exchange the gpconfig.php in the root ! Php8 is not so fault-tolerant. Outdated or buggy code can bent the Cms.

*** Can You try this slate-2-version (install under /themes) and give a comment.

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