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Desire: To add text, images or other addons like a calendar to a side column or "sidebar." The sidebar has different permission than the creation of a page. Sidebars allows the admin to add function or components (addons) to the left or right side of a page, examples: a calendar or google ads.

Thus a permissions is needed in the admin to restrict access to the addon, sidebar. A template may or may not include a sidebar addon. What contains within a sidebar my be unique to each page or may be duplicated on specified pages. Sidebars also utilize gpEasy's inline editior.

Preferably, the sidebar would allow you to drop objects or add snippets (custom scripts) through the use of the FileManager. You would create a page, you then will see the option to: create a page, gallery or sidebar. Upon selecting sidebar, you then link it to a page as a child page. If your template has the layout to accommodate a left and right sidebar, then you will be able to see each right and left child sidebar for that page.

Any feedback, welcomed :).

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