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I  am able to add one photo to a new gallery. Thereafter, I get the captioned error.

Maybe the instructions could be expanded upon. I'm not sure I am doing it quite right and I have always been terrible at reading between the lines.

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Josh S.
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So when you get the "Oops, that didn't work.. " message you're  trying to add a second image? And just to verify, I'm assuming you're using version 1.6?

So thinking about how that error could come about, it sounds like it might be a javascript error. Which internet browser are you using: Explorer (6,7,8), Firefox, Chrome...? To get an idea if I have it correct, can you tell me what your browsers location bar reads? (for example, the location bar for this page is "")

Another thing we can do is try to see if there's an error preventing you from adding more images. To check, you'll need to enable error reporting by opening the index.php file and changing the //define('gpdebug',true); line to define('gpdebug',true);

Edited: 10 years ago#151

Firefox 3.6.3 although same happens in others, Safari, IE8. Javascript is enabled and I can run test scripts OK.

My location bar reads same as yours except that I don't have "&page=0" at the end.

More detail: I am at the Upload Window. I am working with two photos, Adams & Anderson. (I have hundreds though - never gets that far.) Leap frogging over Anderson and selecting another picture down the line makes no difference.

I want to keep alphabetical order, so I drag Adams to the frame on the far left under Current images. A brief period of upload activity and Adams is in place.

A second frame is then added next to Adams to which I drag Anderson. Again, a brief upload - I'll guess about 1/3 the time as with Adams - then the error appears.

Where do I find the debug logs?

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Josh S.
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Oops, sorry. I was wondering what your browser location read while you're seeing the "oops" message.

If you've enabled debugging by changing the define(..) line, the bugs would show up on your screen actually. So if you have enabled debugging and aren't seeing any error messages, we'll have to try the next step.

If you're willing, I'd like to send you some test scripts that will help us narrow in on the problem. If so, send me an email using the contact form and we can start to dig into this problem further.

10 years ago#160

The URL at failure is:



No debug on screen. By all means, send the scripts.

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