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For my current project I want to limit the people editing pages to a fixed colour scheme, header & footer, with a number of page layouts that they cannot change. They need to be able to add pages and be allowed to choose one of the fixed layouts for their new page: but they should not be able to move any of the content blocks, just fill in the content.

I've been unable to find any way to do this in gp|Easy. Is it possible?

Thanks,      Peter

11 years ago#155

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Hi Peter,

From what i understand you can limit the possibility to arrange blocks by adding the following to your theme/template.php


$GP_ARRANGE = false;

...some content...

$GP_ARRANGE = false;

And to specify custom layouts within the same theme you can try my example, read about it at gpthemes-news.

Hope this helps,


11 years ago#157

Thanks for that, I'll give it a try over the weekend.


11 years ago#159

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