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I found gpEasy in my search for a CMS to develop my research work for my masters thesis, it is just what I need :-) I want to add a php banner shuffle script  at the top of the Side-Menu. I uploaded my shuffle file and hard coded <?php include("shuffle.php"); ?> to the Side_Menu.php but this hasn't worked for me. Is there a way I can add a banner shuffle script without building a plugin?


Second Question- I want to create a list of Sponsors with a random shuffle so a different one appears at the top of the list on each page reload. I found a script at  [] (second example). I placed the JS in the FBv2 template header but it didn't work so it is the wrong way to do it. Does anyone have a suggestion on another way I can try this?




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I have this solved now :-)


Upload php shuffle file to -extra

Using an editor, add <?php include("shuffle.php"); ?>  to Side_Menu file

Create a folder just above gpEasy root ie 'banner' and link to images using http

<?php $banner_src[0]="http://localhost/gpEasy/banner/easy.gif"; $banner_link[0]=""; $banner_src[1]="http://localhost/gpEasy/banner/hitachi.gif"; $banner_link[1]=""; $banner_count=((count($banner_src))-1); $which_banner=(rand(0, $banner_count)); print "<center><a href=\"$banner_link[$which_banner]\" target=\"_blank\"> <img src=\"$banner_src[$which_banner]\" border=\"0\"></a></center>"; ?>

Above shuffle is a bit crude, please chime in if you have a better one....

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