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after inserting breadcrump (as gadget) on my site it breakes the admin panels and the footer is gone (so that there is no chance to deactivate the gadget or to logout etc.-only thing that helps here is to delete the 'breadcrump' files directly on the server).

Anyone experienced the same? Any solution on that?



gpEasy 1.7.1

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Charles S
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Make sure the gadget hasn't been added more than once to the layout. That's the only idea I have.

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Hello, the function Breadcrumb_Navigation in BreadcrumbNavigation.php must be inserted inside the !function_exists condition, then it can be added multiple times to any layout:

if (!function_exists('BreadcrumbNavigation'))    {    function BreadcrumbNavigation() {...}    }

and maybe this simple modification will work:


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thanks for your answers, but I have it only loaded once. The breadcrump is working. but as already mentioned the footer (where I have the admin-login/logout stuff) is completly gone and the whole admin-docks are also not present anymore...

Tried with different installations on different server and themes, no idea...

When looking at the source code " <div class="gpArea_Breadcrumb_Navigation GPAREA">" appears 2 times. First is right at the position where it should be and the second time as the very last on this site, but only the opening div-element, thereafter nothing follows (that's probably why the footer is missing). That's weired, isn't it????

Any help welcome, Thanks,

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ah, ok, I found that there was a secont breadcrumb gadget on a different position, althought I did not placed it there!!! Sounds stupid, but it must have been loaded by itselft during first activation, don't laugh!!! As I said I tried it on different server and with different themes...


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after hard research i found the following issue. i do not know if it is a gpEasy or 'breadcrump' bug:

when having a site page-name that consists or starts with a number the breadcrump navigation gets disordered (e.g. Home > someOtherPage > 0)

When changing the url-name to something else than a number it works again...


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