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Hello, sorry for my bad English. I work locally on gpeasy with WampServer v 1.7. I have a problem i forgot my administrator password. In which file I can find or how to create a new one. Thank you for your help.

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Josh S.
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There's a page in the documentation that describes the process:

Let us know if it doesn't work

9 years ago#1375

Thank you, but when I look at the two files, the password is OK as MD5. I still change the settings in the user.php file transfer and FTP. Because I forgot to say that I download my entire repertoire gpeasy local server to remote server and the remote is that it will not work. I have no solution ....

9 years ago#1376

With my bad English, I think I explained myself badly. I developed a site with version 1.7.1 of gpeasy locally with WampServer. Everything is OK. I want to put this site online at my web host. I sent all the files with Filezilla and the site is online. But when I enter the admin panel it does not accept my password (which is correct). I tried changing the password in user.php and it does not solve my problem. What I forgot to do or what should we do to solve this problem. Thank you for your ideas.

9 years ago#1377

Josh S.
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Did you make sure the /data directory is writable on the new server?

You can often easily do this with an ftp client or at the command prompt with something like "chmod -R 777 /data".

9 years ago#1378

Hello, excellent! the CMOD is 755 and not change to 777 I am obliged to take another host for the site

So the issue is resolved I took another host and it works very well Thank you again for your help.


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