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old:  http://***.com/index.php  

new: http://***.com/a/index.php 


"<img src=/data/_uploaded/image……" is Error

"<img src=data/_uploaded/image……" or "<img src=/a/data/_uploaded/image……" is ok

"data/_uploaded/image……"   Seems to be the best solution, whether to move to where ,Can have a good idea, so I can move 


 Used version gpEasy 2.0a3 :  

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Josh S.
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Sounds like <img src="/a/data/_uploaded/image... would be correct. Unfortunately, currently there's no way to change all of your <img> links from within gpEasy.

10 years ago#1395

$imglinks = Left($_SERVER["PATH_INFO "],InStrRev($_SERVER['PATH_INFO'],"/"))

<img src="<? echo $imglinks ?>data/_uploaded/image...

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