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Hi, I have a problem. After I upgraded to 2.0b1, no gpEasy pages will show on my website ( I did the following: Deleted the Include folder (after backing it up), deleted the Themes folder (after backing it up), then uploaded the new Include and Themes folders. Is there something I did missing?

I do have an idea of what the problem was: I was previously using Eve theme, and so I think it might not be trying to use one of the new themes. If this is the case (and thus is why I am having this problem), please let me know how to tell it to use a different theme in the PHP.


Thanks ahead of time for your help!



10 years ago#1416

Josh S.
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Sounds like you've got it right, just put the Eve theme back in the themes folder and it should work.

The update instructions aren't quite right are they? I'll get that fixed.

10 years ago#1417

Thanks for the help! I uploaded the Eve1_0 folder from the old themes folder into the new one. Still nothing.

I'm not sure that was the problem now. I looked at the page source in the browser and it looked like this:



Lots and lots of nothing. The program isn't giving anything to the browser, thus resulting in a completely blank page. :(  My brother upgraded to version 2.0 alpha without any trouble, but I had this same problem then. I must be missing something... Could it be a server problem?

Thanks again.

10 years ago#1419

Josh S.
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Hmm, to know for sure, you could turn error reporting on (it's typically off for security reasons). To do so, open the index.php file and add or uncomment the line define('gpdebug',true); with the debug on, it should tell us exactly what is happening... Which version were you upgrading from?

10 years ago#1420

I don't remember what version I had - how would I find out?

I turned on the debug (slick!) and here's the first error message (first, because in my experience it only gives you one at a time when there may be many.):

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '(', expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in /home/a3499576/public_html/data/_trash/Minecraft.php on line 10

I think this means there's an error in that page that I might be able to fix. Unfortunately, I know very little about PHP, so wouldn't be able to spot a syntax error without it being pointed out to me. I'm going to see if that page could be deleted (it is in trash, after all), and then try deleting it.

Thanks for the help.

10 years ago#1421


I deleted the page and it all worked out so very nicely. Thanks for making a quality CMS that is so easy to fix (especially compared to huge monsters like Joomla!).

I am grateful for your help, and wish you lots of success.

10 years ago#1422

Josh S.
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Thanks, ideally there wouldn't be any of these problems, so thanks for taking the time to work through it.

10 years ago#1423

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