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I am pretty sure this is an issue with my server but I am not able to see what to do to fix it. I would very much appreciate any suggestions/help.

I downloaded gpEasy and ftp'd all its files into a gpEasy folder on my server, then changed the permissions on the /data folder and all its contents to 777.

I have no problem getting to ./gpEasy and entering user name and password

I get a successful installation message but when I click on  Login and start editing link (./gpEasy/index.php/Admin) the link is broken

I can get to wiev your site link (./gpEasy/index.php) and when I try the admin pages (./gpEasy/index.php/Admin_Main) I hit a broken link again.

I apologize if the answer is real simple, I am just not very experienced and havent done any sites over several years, and I just couldnt figure out what I needed to do. I have a simple shared hosting package with goDaddy if that provides any additional clues.

Thanks a bunch.


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just wanted to mention, I resolved my issue by doing what is suggested here:


10 years ago#1438

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