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I would gladly build a grid layout  (blueprint, 960grid or something like these) with 3 colums and using for them the new feature "Sections".  Want use in the first row a section as only 1 column, maybe with an image slider. Than in the second row 3 colums maybe each as a Teaser.  Because it looks very unprofessional when the text content takes the whole width of my 960px layout. I want be able to structure the content correct.    ;-)

So my first question:  How I can do this with the new sections edit feature, that I can build different Content in the columns ???

Because I tried it with <?php $page->GetContent(); ?>  in every column of my 3 div tags from the template.php. But when I write with CKEditor the Content in one of these columns, than after page refresh the other 2 columns load the same content.     :-(

I can say from myself that I am experienced user of PHP and so I know that I need different "ID's" to call  "GetContent()" fo more than one time with different content.

Have someone a good solution ???


using gpEasy 2.0b2


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Josh S.
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There isn't a way to separate sections of a page unfortunately.

Have you tried the gpOutput::Get('Extra',[area]); function? Take a look at the documentation for more output functions and information about themes.

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Yes, I tried with the function of  gpOutput::Get('Extra',[area]);  and use it now !  But it's not so comfortable  like the Section feature. It's not the best solution that I liked, but okay, it works for me.

gpEasy it the best Lite CMS on the OpenSource Front ..... and I am sure in one of the next versions the comfortable Section feature will come even for more than one column Layouts. Best of all, for the whole website areas.   ;-)

Because than gpEasy would not more only being a Lite CMS - it would be even a great solution to create and style Layouts within.  But than the CKEditor should be still able to have the possibility to show code Hints which HTML Tags are used and should be able to select and use HTML Tags from the style.css

11 years ago#1471

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