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Hi, now that I've successfully gotten 2.0b2 working on my server (yay!), I must come to my real problem (and why I upgraded in the first place).

I am having trouble installing Simple Search 1.3.5 on my website ( I uploaded the plugin folder into the addons directory, and it detects it properly, but when I try installing it it says "Oops, that didn't work... and Copy failed: /www/ to /www/

If you know of a way to manually install a plugin, I think that would help.

Thanks for the help in advance!

9 years ago#1499

Josh S.
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Let's check a couple of things here. It looks like it's breaking at a spot that should be fairly straight forward.

  1. Does the /data/_addoncode folder exist?
    1. If Yes, make sure it's writable.
    2. If No, make sure the /data folder is writable.

How to make the /data folder writable

Using an FTP program like FireFTP, navigate to the root directory of your new installation, right click on the /data folder then look for a "Properties (incl. contents)" option. You'll want to set the permissions for /data and all of it's contents to be writable by PHP. A setting of 0777 will work, but may be more than necessary.

9 years ago#1500

The _addoncode folder does exist. The data folder is chmodded to 777. This was done when I first installed gpEasy.

Is there anything else I can do to install Simple Search?

9 years ago#1509

Josh S.
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... I should have known the _addoncode folder exists, you have the blog plugin installed...

Have you tried the install while gpdebug is set to true?

9 years ago#1513

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Hello Josh, I noticed the similar problem occured also with the counter plugin. The updater now created new random directory in _addoncode dir and copied there the new content succesfully. But in third step - save settings didnt work, it printed "Oops, that didn't work, please try again." I suppose, installer couldn't erase the old addon's code folder, probably because php there locked one of the files (i mean _addonCode/oldfolder/kids.ttf font), that was just used in plugin and therefore locked by php. But when I restarted EasyPHP wamp server, then the upgrade proceeded succesfully, because that file became unlocked. And this occured also when uninstalling the plugin, all files were erased except that one locked file, so it needs to be removed manually. Maybe this is the same problem. 

// Edit: so it's the old bug on windows o.s.:

Edited: 9 years ago#1517

Josh S.
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Yeah, there's definitely something going on with writability/permissions 'cause creating a new directory in a writable directory shouldn't fail.

Ryan, I'm sorry I don't have a quick fix, but would you mind trying something for me. I've uploaded a modified common.php file that will handle the mkdir slightly differently and output some messages to tell us what's happening. The common.php file goes in the /include/tool/ folder.

Sorry for the trouble,


9 years ago#1520

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