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Let me first start off by saying that I have never worked with PHP nor have I ever made a website. Now, in the root of gpEasy installation we have index.php inside the root of gpEasy folder and all of the other index.php files in various folders, (by visually looking using windows explorer I was only able to find one other file in the data folder). In order to make the website show properly with all of the tabs and settings and things of that nature what I am supossed to do with those to files after the changes are done being made? The index.php file inside the root of the gpEasy folder is the one that is to be put into the of the portion of my server that shows publically viewable files, that much I know. where do I go from there, after i'm doing making changes? My last question stems from my assumption that there is only is be 1 index.php file. Thank you...

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Josh S.
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To get gpEasy to work, you need to put all of the files and folders from the downloaded package onto your server.

Once all of those files are on your server then you can run the installation by going to

The installation script will populate the data folder with some default content which you can then edit as you like.

Not sure if this is what you needed to know...

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I noticed I made a mistake, let me try to clarify. The files that will be uploaded when I'm done with my site (pictures, music, videos etc.); how do I incorperate that into the website with there being an index.php file in the root of the gpEasy folder and with there being an index.html file in the "/uploaded files" as well as the folders: file, flash, image and media in that same section of the installation? you can obviously not convert php to html since they look nothing alike. Sorry, I failed to relized the HTML extension I was thinking it was PHP in the "/uploaded files" section of the installation but it wasn't. Did that help, a little? lol

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Josh S.
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Still not sure where you're seeing a problem.

The only time the index.html file in the /data/_uploaded folder would be shown is when someone types http://your_server/install_folder/data_uploaded into their browser. If you want to put a different index.html file there, gpEasy will still work just fine.

The index.php file in the root is the entry point for all of gpEasy. When you create a new page, upload files edit galleries, etc, you're going through that root index.php file.

Getting closer?

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Yep...I'm guessing the index.php file in the root of the gpEasy folder is for installation purposes only? And with all the files I plan to upload do I need to manually find the find the HTML code for each file in order to put it in the index.html file? And each page has its own index.html file right; or does the html code from each file uploaded, setting or alteration go into the index.html file at the root of the website I'm smart enough to know that if and when I website only has one index.html file code goes between the html and body tags thats about it.

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Josh S.
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I'm guessing the index.php file in the root of the gpEasy folder is for installation purposes only?

No, the index.php file is for pretty much everything, installation, showing files, admin pages, editing pages...

And each page has its own index.html file right

Actually no, each page has it's contents stored in the /data folder in php files. Then as you're viewing files, the software fetches those data files and sends them to the user via the index.php file in the root.

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Hi, you can simply forget for all those "index.html" files. They are redundant and have nothing to do about your web pages. The construction parts of web pages are stored only in .php files in the /data and /themes folder. The html pages are compiled in real time on server in computer memory. So as Josh told you, every url request starts to execute the commands in index.php file(script), compiles html page and sends it over internet to your browser as the complete compiled html page. this is it

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