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I can not change page name

i can not add page,delete page,... just get the error.


10 years ago#1537

Josh S.
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Ok, let's see if we can narrow down the problem a little, just need to know some more things

  • Which version of gpEasy are you experiencing this in?
  • Which browser are you using?
  • Has this happened to you with multiple browsers?
  • Are you able to edit pages?
10 years ago#1540

latest ver

firefox3 opera11

i can edit page



PS:what script used on for this forum? thanks.

Edited: 10 years ago#1550

Josh S.
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Hmm, I've tested firefox and opera and haven't had any problems.

Are you noticing any javascript errors in the Error Console in Firefox? You can open the Error Console from the Tools menu or Ctrl + Shift + J. You may need to clear the error console before trying to add a page so that we know the report is relevant.


10 years ago#1553

user :  pydn

password 111111


pz check it i don't know your meaning

10 years ago#1555

Josh S.
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Ok, this is the same problem that was happening for another user:

The fix involves two things:

  1. Rename the file /include/thirdparty/js/jquery.cookie.js to /include/thirdparty/js/jquery_cookie.js
  2. Then in the file /include/admin/admin_menu_new.php, change the line that reads $page->head_js[] = '/include/thirdparty/js/jquery.cookie.js'; to $page->head_js[] = '/include/thirdparty/js/jquery_cookie.js';

Llet me know if I can do anything to help you get this fixed on your system before the next release.


10 years ago#1557

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