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Jon W
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I was looking to make an RSS feed available for (at least) the blog page.  Could this be done in the same step that outputs the latest blog posts for the side bar?  In other words, also output the latest blog post info into a separate XML file that could be linked from the blog page.  I manually created an XML page, but to have it automatically generated would be great.

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Josh S.
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Hmm, the blog plugin should be creating an RSS feed already. For example, the one for is at Take a look again, but please let me know if it's not working.

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Jon W
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Yep, there it is.  Thanks.  Guess I missed it in the documentation somewhere.  You guys did an even better job with that plug-in than I thought.

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Can someone explain how to add an rss feed onto a page in gpeasy. I've read that I must enter a feed url into a rss reader but how to do this? I would like to add an rss weather feed to one of my pages, that's why I'm asking. Thanks.

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Well I managed to get some feeds working with javascript but I found a neat php application to use and manage my feeds but I must include it like so  <?php include ('folder/app.php'); ?>  so how do I do this so it only shows on the page I want it on? ckeditor obviously screws with this code and I can't put it on the template because it will show on every page. Do I have to duplicate the template and use that other method mentioned somewhere on this forum? Please confirm if you know of an easy way.


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Well, I used an iFrame and all is well!

How about this method to include php. Make a new page but don't put anything on it. Now ftp into your site and add the php code to that page using your favourite editor and save it back to the site. That should work shouldn't it?

On this same topic, I found another CMS that, when you select to edit a page, the GUI editor (tinyMCE, etc.) does not initially load. You have to click another button above the editor window to enable the GUI editor to load. Couldn't this be done with gpEasy. That way we could add php without envoking the editor and when we don't want php, we click the button and voila, there is the GUI editor.

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