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first off, i want to say gpEasy is awesome.  been easy to work with and install was a breeze.

i migrated from a zenphoto based zenpage setup.  the zenphoto rocks for galleries, but the zenpage (CMS) leaves a lot to be desired and is nowhere near as flexible as gpEasy is.


so to keep my existing galleries (and all of benefits of zenphoto gallery), i started using the Simple Frame plugin to embed the zenphoto galleries within my gpEasy pages.

however, i noticed that this plugin is limited to a single instance and i of course wanted to be able to separately included multiple galleries (frames) within individual gpEasy created pages.  i ran into an identical thing with the My Music plugin (i wanted separate pages with unique playlists).

to get around this i brute forced it and copy/modified each of these plugins to create new ones (Simple Frame2, etc).......  it works, but is definitely a manual process.

so did i miss something and an easier way to create instances of plugins?

if not, that is my suggestion.  some way to reuse a plugin within gpEasy.

an example of these brute force changes:

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