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i have just updated to simple_slideshow's latest version. My previous version of simple_slideshow was working fine but the transitions in the latest version are not going well. I thought maybe it's because my gpeasy is version 2.0 and updated it to 2.1 but the problem persists. Where can I download the previous version of simple_slideshow (the new update had written over the older files) or how can I make the new one work smoothly?


Edit: In fact I've just seen it closely and the transition and image mode seem to be reversed. The image area is blank for as long as the image should be on screen and is visible for the duration of the fade effect and then the next image goes through the same cycle.  

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Josh S.
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I saw this last night after a referred someone else to the plugin. It only seems to be happening in Google Chrome for me though...

Just made some changes to fix it, take a look at to see if the changes are working in your browser. If everything looks good i'll update the plugin package.

12 years ago#1805

I had faced the same problem in IE9 as well. looks fine in google chrome. I guess you can upload the changed version now. Looking forward to it.

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Josh S.
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Just updated it. Thanks for checking it!

12 years ago#1826

It works fine now. Thanks.

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I have two transition issues that are going on with this plug-in no matter which brower I test it in.

First, often an image will load under the thumbnails which move up from under the photo.

Secondly, often the caption added to a photo will not show when that image is being displayed.

Here is a page with the slide show that has errors. All my pages have the same two bugs.

How can these bugs be corrected?

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Charles S
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I just checked your site in Chrome 12, Firefox 4, and IE9 and the plugin looks like it is working just fine.

HOWEVER. . .  your theme is broken. The center/content area is below the sidebar. This happens in all browsers when the window size is reduzed to the theme's min-width. You probably have the width to large for one of those areas.

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I will have to try and correct my theme break. I have only noticed the break when looking at my site from a mobile browser or when I increase the font size in a normal browser....

12 years ago#1938

I think I fixed my theme. Can you please have a look and test in your browsers on your end and let me know...


12 years ago#1939

I will take a video clip to prove there is a bug in the currect simple slideshow that will show you that the thumbs still break ontop of the large image once and a while when the page is first loaded.

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Charles S
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Theme still breaks in FF4.

Make sure you clear your browser's cache and delete cookies. Sometimes with JS the browser can hang onto things.

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My css file is located here:

If anyone can tell me what to change to fix my theme from breaking because I have no breaks on any of the computers I have tested my site from.



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Charles S
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here's a screenshot of what I see when I reduce the size of the window below the theme's min-width.

Screenshot here

BTW, whtat theme are you using?

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My theme is: One_Point_5 (black)

The same break happens to me only when I increase the font size in my browser a few times (Ctrl +) in Firefox.

The default css with that theme isn't good. I need my site to be 95% wide and have the side container at least 200px wide and the center container to assume the rest of the space.

I am unsure how to adjust my css to achieve this... So I have the widths set as:

.set_width{     width:92%;

#content{     float:left;     width:75%;

#sidepanel{     position:relative;     float:right;     width:200px;

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Charles S
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yeah, that will break the theme.

Making a theme with a fluid center and fixed side panel requires the margins to be set properly.

My site at does exactly what you are asking--fluid content fixed navigation. . . at least one version anyway.


Here's an example from my site:
#columnwrapper{float:left; width:100%;} -- this wraps the below divs (other divs wrap this one to give the boarders)
#rightcolumn{float:right; width:240px; margin:10px 10px 10px -260px;} -- -260px is critical = sidepane + Left & Right margins.
#contentwrapper{padding:0 2%; margin:10px 260px 10px 10px;} -- same here for the 260px just positive number instead of negative.
Notice how the margin is done. The contentwrapper doesn't get an actual width. It fills all space except the -260px (the width of the nav colum +left/right margins) to the right.
The other thing is, they both need to be wrapped in a div that has a percentage width specified = #columnwrapper above.
Here's another example from a theme I'm working on. Exact same thing. . .
#content_panel_wrapper{float:left:width:100%;height:100%;} -- wraps around #contentwrapper, #content & #sidepanel 
#contentwrapper {float:left; width:100%;} -- wraps #content & #sidepanel - the width here is critical = total width of sidepanel & content
#content{margin:0px 260px 0px 0px; padding:10px 30px 20px 20px;} -- main content column. 260px for right margin is critical = overall space for the rigth column + margins L/R (here I'm actually using the margin as padding thus it's 20px larger than the actual right sidepanel and insures no breaking)
#sidepanel {width:240px; margin:0px 0px 0px -260px; padding:10px 20px 20px 0px;...
Changing a fixed width theme to a fluid theme isn't always easy. I'm no css expert. . . so I hope this helps you figure out how to do it.
I learned how to work with fluid themes at
It's a great site for learning good css for fluid themes. Fixed themes are easy ;)
best of luck
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