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I was just about to install a new gpeasy page, when I thought: "it's strange, that I can make an update of the site with one click, but a new installation I must first download to my computer and then upload via ftp."

Of course it is necessary to start with an ftp uplaod, but I think it would be cool if I could upload just a small part of gpeasy, make the initial configuration (ftp if necessary), and it would load and install the last version of gpeasy automatically.

Especialy for people with slow upload that would shorten the installation time cosiderably, although the time is not overly long anyway with gpeasy.

Just my Idea, maybe it would be possible.

10 years ago#2067

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Great idea. Would be really a nice feature. Maybe you want to submit it to the "Feedback-List", one menu item below the Forum in the main navigation. Would give you my voice!

10 years ago#2102

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done :)

Edited: 10 years ago#2105

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