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Charles S
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I noticed that some of the plugins of mine you worked on for the next version of gpEasy combined the css & js but didn't have


script = script.php
method = plugin_function

Did you make changes so this isn't required?

If it is still required how do you add multiple scripts?

The TipTip plugin has several gadgets but they all use the same js file. Would I add multiple "script = gadget_name.php" or something else?


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Josh S.
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[GetHead] is not needed in the ini file.

The new methods for gadgets will call the appropriate gadget functions just before the template.php file is included. This will allow gadgets to add css and javascript to the head of the document without using the [GetHead] hook.

11 years ago#2075

Charles S
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I didn't update the documentation for it as. . . well, I'm pretty clueless on the programming end of this stuff and don't want to muck any of it up :)


11 years ago#2083

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