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How easy is it to convert an existing theme, say, a theme that you downloaded from one of those template websites, to a gpEasy compatible theme? Would all that's needed to do is to replace your desired editable areas with the output functions?

I would really love to put this CMS into good use.

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Josh S.
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In general the process for converting a theme does just involve getting the content to show up in the right spots in the theme. There's some info about theme creation in the documentation: overview & output functions.

When converting a theme, you might also run into some differences within the CSS styles. The menus for gpEasy use a <UL><LI><A> structure that many designers have planned for.

Sorry for not getting back earlier, I lost track of this one.

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I'm trying to convert a template to gpEasy, but it isn't showing any styles. Is there anything special I need to add to the template.php to link to a stylesheet?

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Never mind, LOL!

I figured out the hard way that the stylesheet has  to be called style.css. Mine was called styles.css, LOL.

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