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I was looking for a way to embed an rss feed into my page, to display the last posts from my wordpress blog.

I found a few ways to display an rss feed in php, and I was thinking to make a plugin for that. But then I noticed, it's so easy, you don't even need a special plugin, you can do it with the plugin "Execute PHP".

I installed the "Execute PHP" plugin and used this tutorial (it's in german, but the php script can be found here). I simply copied the whole script into a php section on my page and added the function call at the end. For non-german speaking people I'll translate the function call here:

function getRssfeed($rssfeed, $cssclass="", $encode="auto", $anzahl=10, $mode=0)

$rssfeed Link to the RSS feed
$cssclass Name of the CSS class for the output DIV (rssfeed_ is automaticaly prepended)
$encode Encoding mehtod, e.g. "utf-8". "auto" uses the encoding from the feed, "no" uses no encoding
$anzahl Number of Items to be displayed
$mode Display mode (0 = Display only titel and link of the item; 1 = Display title and link to the channel; 2 = Display title, link and description of the item; 3 = 1 & 2)

Right now I can already add and edit any number of rss feeds to my page, which would not be easily achivable with a plugin. Maybe I'll make a plugin out of it anyway, to eleminate the need for the "Execute PHP" plugin.

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Josh S.
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A plugin would be awesome!

12 years ago#2218

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