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Undefined index: ready_for_update
    in: /homez.157/isischat/www/gpEasy/include/install/update_class.php
    on line: 1026



I have been very busy these days, but I GPeasy update.

I post here the problem because I can not register on another site.

Well, well, I hope that's okay doctor. :D


I also have this message in administration:

So I do not know.
Finally, it does not matter. I have not written articles and I try to make a program to retrieve the contents of my xml files Wordpress.

Data Health Status

5 out of 73 files did not pass the health check. Your system may have trouble deleting or modifying these files.

File Name Permissions File Owner   Current Value     Expected Value     Current Value     Expected Value

/index.html 604    644    58921    58921

/_trash/contenu.php 604 644 58921 58921

/_trash/Informatique.php 604 644 58921 58921

/_trash/Samsung.php 604 644 58921 58921

/_trash/Matériels.php 604 644 58921 58921



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Josh S.
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Hi Diana,

According to the health report, your site should work fine. The index.html file is never used by gpEasy, and you'd only need to modify the permissions for the  other files if you want to remove them from the trash.

10 years ago#2219

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Ok Josh,

Thank you

Have a nice day.

10 years ago#2220

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