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So I've noticed two "weird" issues with the admin menu (the toolbar):

a. At work, I have IE6 -- sure, it sucks, everyone knows that, but the admin toolbar shows up "vertical", one above each other, so when the menu items are highlighted, they expand over top of lower menu when I try to roll my mouse to those lower options, it triggers the original menu level instead. No worries, I won't use this interface often, just thought it was weird.

b. However, more importantly, I have accessibility issues which require me to design in 800x600 mode -- in this screen size, I can't see the right side of the toolbar ... is there a way to "change" the location of the toolbar drop downs? I have lots of room still on the left. I get "admin" and "plugin beta", but not the logged-in user menu (and it isn't a layout issue, as the toolbar doesn't scroll when the screen scrolls).


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Josh S.
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a. I used to spend hours trying to get IE6 to work and eventually gave up. I'll document the lack of support for IE6 better.

b. I can see where the 800x600 screen size would be an issue. I'll take a look at the code for a permanent solution, but you should be able to fix it for now by changing a line in the /include/css/admin.css file. Look for the lines that read:



margin:0 auto;     


and change it to this:



margin:0 auto;


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Perfect...looks great!


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