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So under another topic item, I asked about a data directory and I now realize that I might not have been clear, so moving it to a new topic so I can link to a second question.

Q1: I have two data directories ... one at www/data and one at www/mydomain/data. I assume I need both, the only thing in www/data is a mysqllite database. The various addon pages though are under www/mydomain/data. What's in the first data directory (i.e. the MSSQLLite)?

Q2: Does the data directory allow you multiple sub-directories for related pages? For example, if I do book reviews, and I have all named BR0001-BR1000, will they ALL be in the same DATA directory? Or can I group them in subdirectories. I also have a LOT of other pages that will quickly fill up that directory if it uses all the same level.


11 years ago#231

Okay, I'm an idiot. The www/data directory had a timestamp that was same as GPEASY installation, so I thought it was related. Nope, it was my GALLERY2 data file that I hadn't done anything new with in months -- except change my toolbar on it to link to GPEASY, hence the datastamp.

But still have questions on how to organize my multiple files on the system...

11 years ago#234

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