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in the theme "Light Texture" (
theme to the new package v 2.3) how to place a new block "extra" in this "empty" space?
thank you for your help


11 years ago#2557

Josh S.
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When you mouse over that block, you should see the "Insert" link appear. Clicking that link will display options for content that can be placed in the block.

Is that what you're looking for?

11 years ago#2558

no, no ... First thank you for your help, but the "block" does not exist in the code of the theme.
I want to put a block here ....?? So I know how to insert text or images or the menu ... but I miss "this position of block"


11 years ago#2562

Josh S.
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16 Themes
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I guess I'm still not sure what you want to do. I think I've got it...

The block does actually exist, I believe it's just not showing up. That area of the layout is represented by the GetAllGadgets() method and will fill up as you add plugins that have gadgets (Simple Blog, Simple Search, etc). gpEasy should definitely be fixed so that it shows that there is an editable block there.

In the mean time, I've got a couple of options.

1) You could edit the template.php file for the Light_Texture theme. Take a look in /themes/Light_Texture/template.php and scroll down till you see gpOutput::GetAllGadgets();. Then uncomment one  of the next two lines (remove the forward slashes). This will activate one of the commented areas (either a menu or another extra content area)

2) Install a plugin with a gadget. It would be very easy to install the Example Plugin. Just go to Plugins > Manage then install the Example Plugin. This will add a gadget to the output and then the area will be editable.


11 years ago#2563

oops! thank you very much, it works ...
to want to go too fast "I miss important things"

11 years ago#2564

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