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I use gpeasy 2.3.2 with eve theme and it doesnt append when i use default theme ...

i want to make a link on page1 to an anchor in page2 this classic way :

on the page1 <a href="/index.php/page2#anchor_name">link text</a>

on the page 2 : <a name="anchor_name">Anchor text</a>

but when i click on the link on page1, the page2 is truncated, the text before the anchor doesnt appear and there is no more main menu on the left side, but the top menu (main menu too) is still there.

I tested linking to an anchor on the same page this way:

making the link :  <a href="#anchor_name">link text</a>

making the anchor :<a name="anchor_name">Anchor text</a>

but i have the same problem.

Someone have an idea about this problem with this theme ?


* Solved

#container .column {


i do not understand why but it works...


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