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I've finally decided to upgrade the only website I've made with gpeasy for someone for the moment.

The website is actually using version 1.7.1. I 've followed the instructions for the manual upgrade (

I'm using the Bordered_Three theme (Blue version). There is also a .Abstract directory (hidden) in the /theme directory.
I suppose I don't need to upgrade the /themes directory, do I?

So I've upgraded the /include directory and refreshed the homepage.
A blank page has appeared asking to upgrade to version 1.8 of gpeasy first, but I don't see this version at sourceforge.

Thanks in advance


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Josh S.
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That is confusing isn't it.

1.8 became 2.0 before it was released and it looks like we forgot to update notices regarding that change.

Version 2.0.1 will work.

9 years ago#2808

Thanks :). I wasn't sure which 2.x.x version to choose from.

9 years ago#2809

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