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after user fill and send contact form I receive ONLY subject and message text, NO client email, NO client name.

in setup admin panel now exist only two variants of contact form with 2 and 3 line BUT in both varian I am not see clients name and client email, even he entered it

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Josh S.
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That's not good.

Is there a way in your email application to view the entire original email without any formatting? Then we could see if the "Reply To" header actually made it. I'd look for something that looks like this:

To: [email protected]
Subject: =?UTF-8?Q?testing... testing?=
Reply-To: Name <[email protected]>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
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Only after i press Reply i will see the rply email and i can see the name and address Who send , But I and i hope all other wants to see whos write him before press"reply" :-)

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I just tested it and -from my point of view- it works all correct. I guess it has to do with your Email Application, that the 'sender' is not shown when displaying the Mail! In Thunderbird all informations concerning the mail are present.


10 years ago#285

Sure in thunderbird i can see But in outlook NO! And sir I think that the message from contact form MUST be in fulll and clear format and MUST look like:

New mess. from "Peter"




For better collaboration process I think .

10 years ago#286

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ahh, know I see your point: you want to have all these Informations to appear in the messages text area!


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Josh S.
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Hmm, that is an interesting idea. I've always just assumed the standard email format was what users wanted and changing the way gpEasy sends an email would be like trying to invent the wheel. For example, when an email is sent from thunderbird to outlook, it doesn't add "New message from", "Subject" etc to the message. Those are all already parts of the email. But maybe it could be different. Personally, I've been happy with the way it works and it sounds more like a problem with Outlook or Outlook settings, but does anyone else have strong feelings?

10 years ago#292

Phil Smith
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Stick with the standard PHP mail protocols

10 years ago#297

Very easy in Outlook NOT depend from setups YOU NOT SEE anything from whom, and what subject in thunderbird sure i see but i think that the mail from contact form must look like: date, subject, whom, text and all this must be in the body of mail for NOT depend from email client

10 years ago#327

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