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So I was hoping to create some reusable formats (i.e. a blank layout for a Movie Review), what would be templates in other CMS I guess. The only template option I can find for GPEasy is either to do really complicated positioning through the master CSS (which allows much easier updates later of course), or to add templates through CKEditor.

In CKEditor, there are three templates that I see so far...and they look like they are all stored in:


Is there anything about the overall GPEasy setup that says "don't edit that file!"? It looks relatively easy to add to and insert my own code, and of course I'll keep the original as backup. Has anyone else tried this in their installation?

For those who are thinking of suggesting using the alternate method of using a CSS for this, the small challenge is that I will have a separate need for book reviews too, plus recipes, plus a few other things. If I put it all in CSS, the files will start to look huge, no? And while main text is relatively easy, what makes me nervous is that I'll be using some small inline tables to get the stuff to align properly...

Am I wrong in thinking it is easier to edit the CKEditor template than it is to code it in CSS?


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I can't say that I have a strong opinion about this one. A template for CKEditor would allow you to do tables easier, but CSS is more flexible... using a combination of both will probably be the best idea.

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