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I was working on my theme, testing it, uploading, tweaking, re-uploading, testing. Suddenly the admin menu/toolbar disappeared. I realized that I had intentionally but unwittingly removed it by deleting the required element:

      <?php gpOutput::GetAdminLink(); ?>

I removed it as it is in my footer and I want to control my whole footer myself...this link gives me a sitemap and a login option. Instead, I want to have more control over look 'n' feel of my footer, and thought I would put those links in myself i.e. I don't need the software to give me the direct link itself...and even within that, while the Login is arguably "always" needed, the sitemap should be optional, no?

Is there a way to tell it to give me the toolbar but NOT the links? I already have to hack the code to give myself a 800x600 resolution for the admin menu, a second hack after upgrades won't affect me much.

Alternative I guess is to put it in the sidebar, although I really like my sidebar the way it is.

Or just above my menus? Can I at least suppress the sitemap? A single login / logout on the right side of my header might look okay...


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Josh S.
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I understand completely where you are coming from, and I think it should be pretty easy to do without "hacking" the core.

The easiest way would be to just hide everything in GetAdminLink() with CSS.

In your template.php file

<div id="hidden">

<?php gpOutput::GetAdminLink(); ?>


In your style.css file


Then you can add a link to "Admin" for login at the top right of your template.php file

<a href="/index.php/Admin">Admin</a>

How does that look?

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Worked perfectly! Thanks...


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