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Basically wondering if we might have option sometime to change dates on blog posts.

Background: I have five "old" blog entries from an old configuration of my website. Hardly worth worrying about, but I would like them on the site too. So I uploaded the text, everything is there, except of course, they have today's date.

No worries, I edited posts_0.php, changed the timestamp back to a 2008 date, everything worked fine. Got entry one to show the right date in November 2008. Great. Then I tried to do the same with entry 2...but the system wouldn't let me change the date. Sure, it changes it in the file; sure I can force a hard reload of the page. But the date on the individual page never updated. Still said May 2010. PHP file was right, but not the page. But I went back and repasted all the new timestamps anyway for entries 3-5, reloaded, forced hard refresh so first one would update. This time it updated all five! 

So I got cocky and tried the same with a comment on that blog entry and when I uploaded the comments file back to the system, the comment disappeared completely. It said I had one, but wouldn't show it. I disabled comments, reenabled comments, reloaded page...voila, there it is. Except it still has May as date. Not sure how to fix that one. -- Oh wait, I think the size was off now. Okay, fixed that AND the date, and both are showing properly now. Whew.


I guess this wouldn't be a high priority for an automated option within the blog to have ability to change the date of a post, although I have seen that on other CMS packages who do it more to change dates on files. Since  I only had FIVE to do, manually was easy enough (no idea why one time it worked but first time it didn't). Perhaps for the B list of features to add. :-)


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That would be a useful feature. Thanks!

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