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I am very new in gpEasy and I like it much.

But I have two little problems.

At first I made a template with the following lines:

<p class="footer">
               <?php gpOutput::Get('Extra','Footer'); ?><?php gpOutput::GetAdminLink(); ?>

How is it possible to have all this in one line?

By now it makes my Extra-Footer output in one line and the GetAdminLink in second line. "nowrap" does not help..

The second is that I do not want to have the sitemap before the Login-Link.

How can I do this?

Is there any possibility to separate the sitemap from the Login and have the sitemap on other place in the site?

Thanks for help

greetings bjoern




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Hello Bjoern, maybe something like this.

In style.css

div.gpArea_Extra_Footer {float:none;margin-right:150px}

span.sitemap_link {float:right;clear:right;display:none}

span.login_link {float:right;clear:right}

span#powered_by_link {float:right;clear:right}

and in template.php changed order

<p class="footer">

<?php gpOutput::GetAdminLink(); ?>

  <?php gpOutput::Get('Extra','Footer'); ?>


And for separated sitemap link, you can use this php code, as in \include\tool\gpOutput.php file:

<?php global $langmessage; echo common::Link('Special_Site_Map',$langmessage['site_map']); ?>


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