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Hey i have a problem with eve 1.1 !
i use gpeasy 2.3.3

It's just with a few browsers like google chrome or android browsers.

the problem: graphics (png) are not scaled. (only in the main content, the sidebar ist okay)


example1 (picture)

example2 (picture)

i have reinstalled gpeasy and the theme but the problem is still there...




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If I remove the width part in the first image then the rest shows correctly, is odd but maybe it can give a guide onto where it goes wrong, image below on how it looks when width removed.

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Hi Gabriel,

Yes, it seems there is a problem relative to the img tag properties in the css, i've uploaded and updated the theme files and it should be working fine now.

If you want to correct this issue yourself here's the changes:

In default/style.css find img{max-width:100%;height:100%} and replace it with img{max-width:100%;height:auto}

Since it's a fluid layout i wanted the images to fit proportional to the content width, thus the max-width:100% and height:auto. But gpeasy automatically inserts a inline style with the image's width and height, this overruns the above css properties and stretches the image vertically when the content width is reduced.

So to fix this i've also added some jQuery to the template.php to remove the inline style for images, and now it constrains the images proportionaly to the content's width.

If you want to add the code yourself here it is, add it just before the closing body tag:


$(document).ready(function() {
       //Relative to images in center column only
       $('#center img').each(function(){



Hope this helps!



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Yes I tried before some things.

When I don't use the embed-code of gametracker, and i make it on my own (with the gpEasy WYSIWYG) so there no problems!

Now i installed the new teamplate.php and style.css

The problem now is that if you want to scale the picture with

<img src="pic.png" style="width: 300px; height: 200px;">

and the picture is 600x400, it will automatically fit to 600x400 and not to the width and height I've chosen.

So I use now the old files and (Eve 1.1) and only use the WYSIWYG and no more Sourcecode :P


But thank you very much, love your templates !

- Gabriel


I removed the jQuery and now all things are perfect!


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That was just what i was going to suggest, remove the jquery from template.php!!

I'm glad you sort it out.

- Jimmy

10 years ago#3308

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