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This theme is a great looking clean theme to start from, thanks SyndicateFX.

However it doesnt display correctly on a mobile browser, does anybody know how i can get it to display the same on a mobile as it does on a pc browser.

the main navigation bar doesnt show, it just lists the links and theres no structure, i.e no about column (its just placed under the page content). I've checked to see if it was me who's edited something but its the same when i visit on my iphone. 


Thanks Chris

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Thats HTML5, you should see the Nav-bar on Horizontal mode... like here (well, it's samsung but still the same...)

i don't now exactly why, but this is HTML5 ;D

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Hi guys,

Thanks for using my theme!


The technical reason the nav bar is shown as a list in 'portrait' view (ie.iPhone vertical display), is because it is styled that way using a css media query. The visual reason for this is that if you have lots of pages and subpages in the menu, the horizontal (default) menubar will not look and function properly and will clutter the screen with overlapping dropmenus when at this resolution. You can always style it the way you want by editing the style.css, look for @media screen and (max-width:480px) at the end of the file (line 155) and try everything nav ul related.

There is a reason too for content being displayed in a single column for mobile view, it's all about responsive/adaptive design (google it, there is more to it then what im explaining here),  adapting your content to fit the device it's viewed on so its easier to read, without breaking the design, generating horizontal scrolls or having to zoom out to view hidden parts of it. In this case the theme has two columns up until more or less the ipad display, from there downwards it breaks into a single column - left column is displayed on top of right column and so on. Nothing is broken here it has just been designed that way!


And finally, no it has nothing to do with html5 but rather css3 media queries, use them to tweak your design for multiple device displays and to add your print styles too, if needed.

I hope i cleared that up for you, if not, there is a specific forum available for every single gpEasy addon now, go to the addons download page and you will see a link named 'Support'. In this case for the h5 theme I will be glad to help in any issues you have.



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