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Hi i am a newbie to server and with gpeasy too

i have low end box/vps with Nginx installation inside

its have running well for wordpress,razorcms even prestashop

and now i want to try GPeasy,but i dont know much about rewrite,i have done exactly like this

its work,but only in index(front page) if i navigate to another page or admin page,it will display 404 error

please help me,i am new to this

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Josh S.
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Wish I could help, my Nginx skills are not very sharp.

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I think gpEasy must support nginx natively because it is the most growing webserver and have good prospect

even nginx plan to give a surprise in v2


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In reply to your latest blog "The Right Tool". Nginx seems the right tool for hosting gpEasy...

That said, there are many tools you can use to speed up nginx. Just as some are doing for wordpress : link

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I don't know whether you managed to sort it out or not? If you succeeded, please share the solution. I personally think that gpEasy is on the top of its category and it's a pity it only works in harmony with Apache. Nginx is a big shot in webservers and very good choice for low-end (affordable) VPS's, too. However there is a lesser known but very good webserver: Hiawatha. With the help of its developer, Hugo Leisink I've had success in setting up and configuring gpEasy.

Hiawatha webserver

Hiawatha & gpEasy

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gpEasy 3.0 works without problems on nginx. Only on using permalinks you have to edit gpconfig.php manually and uncomment this: define('gp_indexphp',false);

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