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Phil Smith
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I'm coming from a Joomla background where a "module" can be assigned to all, none, or various pages within a website.

Is there a way we can do this with Extra Content items as well? For instance - Could you setup the "gpEasy News" item that is on the right side of this website so it only appears on the homepage?



12 years ago#324

Hey, a question I can answer! :-)

Or at least I have one option for you...I did the same thing (in reverse sort of) for my site. I designed the main page with the header, footer, and side bar intact. Got the template looking the way I wanted it.

Then I replicated that theme's directory (i.e. themes/polywogg copied to themes/single)...this gives me an exact copy at first blush of my template and theme. So I assigned my "home" page to be the theme "single" (in file manager, you can change which theme each page uses). Once assigned to "single", I edited the content of that page and deleted the sidebar. I ended up having to edit the theme's css to modify some margins but I was easily able to get rid of the side bar and yet leave the rest of the theme look identical to my main theme.

The downside of course is if I then modify my original theme for my regular pages, it does NOT update the second theme I'm using for the splash page. So either wait until you have the first theme EXACTLY the way you want it, or do the updates twice (although, if you use the extra content footer and header, any updates to one for content will update in the second). Alternatively too, if you wanted a separate looking header, you could create a new "header2" content and then edit your second theme to pull header2 instead of header1 content. Just a thought.

Of course, there are likely better (i.e. more robust) programming options. But I like the benefit of this one as I now have two "identical" themes in that one is two column (with the sidebar) and one is one column (no sidebar). I can assign it to any page I want, and the header/footer automatically updates for me.


12 years ago#328

Phil Smith
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Thanks for your thoughts on that.. I was hoping not to have to go down the road of maintaining multiple templates in order to have different columns/layouts. 

Although, I suppose I could create two separate templates with different numbers of columns, and in each one do a php include for the header and footer sections. That way, updates to either one would be a global change to all templates.

12 years ago#329

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