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I have a complicated question. I try to explain:

My Webspace is named like this:
So I put my Gpeasy inside of "mywebspace-old".

Now i want to move my complete installation to another directory. Lets say:

In MY gpeasy Installation the directory "mywebspace-old" was linked in all the href functions ("../mywebspace-old/data/_pages/xxxxx.php"). So I had to rename all the links inside my pages with "Notepad++"...

Is it possible to change this kind of an absolute-path (well, with the name of my webspace-directory) to a kind of more relative path (links up one directory listed as "../data/_pages/xxxxx.php") without using offline-software? Can I tell Gpeasy to use the "second level" of a domain by default?

Do I have to edit the .htaccess file?


I hope you can understand my problem...


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Hello Ando, I haven't migrating gpEasy installation to another directory yet, but imho it shouldn't be so hard to do. In your place, I'd first download the  /data and /themes directories via ftp back to local computer. And then to find the files containing the text string   /mywebspace-old  , I would use Free Commander or Total Commander. In both programs the key shortcut is ALT+F7, there just enter the field Containing text or Find text. And then just replace it as appropriate in text editor. And then when everything prepared, upload these files to your new remote directory and then also test it.

I realize you can possibly meet a problem with plugins, for example my contact form plugin generates one absolute path inside the script, and so that page should be either edited manually or recreated in the plugin, to be functional.

I dunno if this will help you. Imho it's quite difficult to create a php script, that searches for links inside pages and updates them automatically correctly.


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A couple of suggestions to add to Stano's helpful post. If the URLs on your site are changing and search engines matter to you (along with other users) you should if possible 301 redirect all old URLs to the new equivalent. May be you can do so within gpEasy, if not htaccess. Worst case, use canonical tags:


If you need to check within your site for broken links, or redirects, this is another option:


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