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Hi all.

New to Gp Easy, I'm trying to customize it but as I see there is only ONE "extra_content" box.

I'm trying to add more blocks, maybe 2 or 3, in both sides of the "main content" so the final result will looks like a joomla site. Hope you understand what I mean.

I managed to add an extra menu (I have 2 menu blocks, one each side) and an extra content, but... the second extra content I havee created is linked to the first, and is always the same in both sides, changing one updates the second one.

As I could see, my problem is here:


Because Extra is one and only one... hook? (is this called this way?) and I can't create a new one like this:


in my template.php, wich will surely work.
I'm working with One_Point_5 but this issue is extensible to all templates I have seen.


The question:

Is there any way of having multiple and different EXTRA content all over the site?

Thanks, guys.



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Charles S
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Once you have your extra content areas defined in the template you should be able to just create the extra content area in gpEasy and add them to either side by editing the layout — of course if you have the same one in multiple areas it will change all of them.

See my tutorial on 'extra content areas' and you might want to look at the layout tutorial.

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Thanks a lot.

I wIll upload a new theme when finished.

I'm translating some of the tutorials into spanish too. This cms is very straightfowward  :D


YOU'R the best

11 years ago#3857

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