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Firstly thank you for what is a great free CMS.

I know that goes against the subject title, but I've been a little foolish.

My ISP (Virgin Media) has PHP 4.3 installed, with MySQL turned off, so I've been looking for a flatfile CMS and after weeks of trial and error, found your little gem.

So, as per normal with experimenting, I load install it all up in Xampp (switched to PHP4), configure it all and have it all working perfectly, from using MyUPB as a forum to eventually getting a good PHP only Photo Album working.

I then uploaded it and it errored on a lot of pages (well it couldnt find the pages..Web page cannot be found) when clicking the Menu links. So I uploaded the install files only to find out that my ISP has Safe Mode ON. (no, they wont change it).

I could scream, because you wouldnt realise how many hours I had testing and finding flatfile CMS's and finally being happy with gpeasy, more hours configuring it, all in Xampp.

So yes, the moral of the story is dont test on Xampp and know how your ISP is setup, but my question (more of a plea) is:

Is there anyway round the Safe Mode issue?

If its a no, then please sticky this post as a lesson to those that didnt check before installing for real.

Your hopefully (and crying)


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Forgot to mention I am trying to install 3.0b1

9 years ago#3903

Josh S.
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Sorry Clivey,

Safe mode is not something we have a way around.

Safe mode restricts file and folder creation drastically which gpEasy uses for saving data. Fortunately, it's a deprecated feature and has already been removed from the most recent release of php.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful

9 years ago#3904

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Thank you for the quick repsonse.

I kind of knew it was a long shot. I'll carry on looking for a decent CMS and keeping nagging Virgin Tech Support about their outdated servers, even though they are the biggest ISP in the UK.

All the best and maybe one day I will get to use this lovely CMS.



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Maybe you can use google sites, even with your own domain:

9 years ago#3910

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