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Hi there,

I have a div which I manually added to my content area via the source view. When I move my gpeasy site from localhost to my online server, the div which I manually inserted disappears (the code has been completely deleted) and I have to add it again. Is this normal? I guess it doesn't really matter if the site stays stationery on the same server, but it look me a little while to figure out out why some of my content wasn't appearing after the move. 


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Charles S
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No, that should not happen. Are you sure you are looking at the new page and not a cached page?


If you upload a page (the php file) without editing it online or anything there really is no way the div could disappear unless the code is incorrect — you didn't properly close the div.

11 years ago#4026

Weird. No, it's not a cached page as this was the first time it had been downloaded from my live server. I'm 99.99999% sure the code was correct as it was only:  <div id="home_page_image"></div>. It also displayed just fine on my local server. Then for some reason after migrating the site that code vanished completely. I'll see if it happens again when I perform another migration.

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Charles S
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yeah. . . that's weird. Something would have to be making a change to the php file or it isn't being rendered by the browser — don't really see what else it could be.

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How did you move to your online server? Every edit is saved in your data folder as you probably know.

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I just dumped the entire directory onto my webserver. 

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This situation can also occur when "Work offline" mode is turned on in browser. I also ran into this trouble formerly. Useful for viewing pages with forms, but sometimes can make this complication.

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