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Wondered if anyone else is having problems with the thumbnail size setting under > Configuration > Performance.

Not having any effect on my set up, tried repeatedly and have checked browser type/.cache issues just in case this is not a local anomaly. Not a major issue as can use CSS but seemed worth mentioning. If there's an alternative method within the file system, that will equally help.

Apologies if I have missed an obvious option but also wondered how the user would add/fill alt tags for gallery images, specifically the larger version.

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Regarding the thumbnail size issue, and i am assuming this is your problem.

If you have previously uploaded images (using gpEasy < 3.0beta), or without setting the size first before uploading, all thumbnail sizes will be the default 100x100. You will have to delete previous uploaded images, set the size option and then upload them again.

On the other hand, if you did set up size before uploading a fresh batch of images and they seem to be cut off on the page , you will have to overide gpEasy's default gallery styles (which uses a fixed size unordered list to hold the images and caption) in your theme's stylesheet, that may be the cause of not getting them to be displayed properly.

Example using a 200 setting in the thumbnail configuration:

In your theme's stylesheet add:

.gp_gallery li{
width:30em;/*Default is 20em*/
height:210px;/*default is 110px*/
.gp_gallery div{
 margin-left:210px;/*default is 110px*/

Changing the width, height and margin on these two should be enough to adapt to your settings.

There is currently no other method within the filesystem to manipulate thumbnail sizes.

The alt tag is something i can't help you with at the moment, sorry!

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As you said, CSS is a decent solution and the core problem seems to be a brain malfunction, mine. Thanks very much for the point on deleting and re-uploading, haven't tried yet but don't doubt you are right.

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