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Im new to gpeasy wich is really great!

I need something i can use to post news in differents category.

Im working on a derivate of simpleblog, my idea is to add a key in $post to filter the display of blog entries then to send the value of the key in $_GET.

It works pretty well in the specialblog page but id like to display these entries in a normal page.

Does someone know if there is a way to display blog entries in a normal page ?

(ps if someone is interested in working on it i'd be happy to send the code)

(pps if John Schmidt wich look to be the project manager think it could just be a simpleblog feature, i'd be happy too to send the code:)

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Josh S.
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There is not currently a way to include the blog in a normal page.

I'd be interested in seeing the code, but I can't promise I'll be able to get to it real soon. You're also more than welcome to post it as another plugin.

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