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Hello gpEasy Forum,

Firstly, Thank you for a such interesting web development project - and I found it useful for personal presentation and for small business websites as well so the reason for contacting you here is little suggestion regarding Special Form Plugn :

-plugn is currently fully working albeit only first 6(default) fields can have option values ,

-only one form can be created

-no form file management

Improving this plugin to fully configurable multi field and multi file form, could bring gpEasy to e-commerce not just as replacement, but as specific on demands custom ordering including possible image fields.

So all interested please respond here and next post I will outline modification tasks

:) also maybe Stano make this as original developer :)

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Hello 185..., of course you are welcome to outline your ideas. You're right, the plugin is quite limited, generates only single form, and must be inserted to the user menu manually. I am not sure if understand, all fields (just like those additional) can be switched to any option type. Or cannot be?

Ok, please note that this plugin is copylefted and public domain from my side (just like all my other plugins, of course excluding third party libraries and algorythms). I don't want any credits for it and also I am conscious of that my plugins are not very professionally programmed/structured, although the scripts are quite lengthy already now. So if you are or anybody is interested to take over its development, or use it in your own project, please feel free to use it as you like. Well, I am interested and listening for your good tips. :-)

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Thanks for reply,  
I couldn't check this topic earlier, so.. 
This Special Form plugin is really working as specified except with IE8 (earlier version susceptible too) where you can't configure selection options as additional value field doesn't shows but it is working correctly with Firefox. 
So, I've looked around snippets and tried simple solution by adding formname field so it could be saved with different name and later inserted on page but couldn't really test during cashing and script error 
Could you give me suggestions on this and would you adopt it with quickly form name field so it can be saved and used on multiple pages ? 

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Hi Nik, so it was the bug. Haven't tested the attachEvent in Explorer 8, and it was my fault. Many people in these days use WinXP+IE8 and others Win7+EI9, and so this compatibility is really good improvement. So I fixed the javascript for IE8 and also uploaded a new relase 2.11. Now it seems switching correctly.

In Special Contact Form plugin I use these plugin related variables (bolded):

<?php global $page,$addonPathData,$addonRelativeData,$addonRelativeCode;
<?php global $config,$addonPathCode,$langmessage,$title;

, if you remove these global definitions and substitute them manually as shown below:

<?php global $page,$config,$langmessage,$title, $dataDir;
        $addon_key = gpPlugin::AddonFromId(62);
        $addonPathCode = $dataDir.'/data/_addoncode/'.$addon_key;
        $addonPathData = $dataDir.'/data/_addondata/'.addon_key;
        $addonRelativeCode = common::GetDir('/data/_addoncode/'.$addon_key);
        $addonRelativeData = common::GetDir('/data/_addondata/'.addon_key);

and then also if you correctly do echo all raw texts from outside of <?php ?> tags, then you can copy and paste the script in the ExecutePHP plugin's page section. I just tested it and the cloned form works good, but this is quite much complicated form cloning, and so i better recommend you to use the FreeMailForm plugin instead, it's the ideal choice for creating multiple forms.

One such functional Form for execute php is here:

Greetings Stano

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