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When I try to Delete a file I get the JS error

TypeError: e.isRejected is not a function
Line: 42

When I try "Copy" or "Cut" I get

TypeError: d.isRejected is not a function
Line: 37

When I try "Duplicate"

TypeError: f.isRejected is not a function
Line: 37

When I try "Resize & Rotate"

TypeError: y.buttonset is not a function
Line: 42

(dialog pops up but no image will load)

When I try to Drag'n'drop a file into another folder I get

TypeError: k.isRejected is not a function
Line: 39

and when I try to preview an image the box opens but will stay black (without JS errors)


Not browser related, occurs in Firefox 14,  Chromium/Comodo Dragon 15, Safari 5 and Opera 12

gp|Easy 3.5b1, Admin language: german,
Server: Apache 2.2.15 / PHP 5.3.3

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Josh S.
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Ok, looks like all these have been resolved.

isRejected is a jQuery method that was temporarily unavailable in jQuery 1.8.

buttonset is a part of jQuery UI Button that was not being included in the page.

Thanks juergen!

8 years ago#4601

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