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Topic: Simple Download Counter no more?
Hi Stano,  Thanks for getting back and updating+ enabeling the plugin again! You rock :-)
8 years ago
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Topic: Forum as add in

No, unfortunately not anymore. There used to be one, but somehow has become unavailable.  
Maybe the author of that plugin can help you out.

8 years ago
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Topic: Bootstrap to gpEasy

I suppose there are several methods to do this. Here is one:

As you probably know Bootstrap and Bootswatch are already included in gpEasy.
You will find these themes in the theme directory.

What works for me is to adjust one of these basic themes to the one I made myself. (Actually I copy the theme  in order to keep the original included theme in case I screw up.  Do not forget to edit the addon.ini if you choose to do this method)

Secondly I adjust the template.php with the necessary markup and also the style (less and css) documents for the looks.
Because the different styling settings are devided over the several files you will need to adjust more of them but they are all there. The Bootswatch themes that are included work with Bootstrap 3.0 which is a bit different in some aspects (grid etc). 

Maybe you already know this but these links are a very helpful source:



Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: Simple Download Counter no more?

Hello Stano, Josh e.o,

I noticed that Simple download counter is not available for download anymore?

Will it come become available again or is it gone to the forever fields?
I hope not. I'm rebuilding an existing website to the latest version who used this tool in the before. Now I'm kind ofleft  with no alternative (that works properly).
Help & suggestions are more than welcome. Always appreciate thoughts.


regards, Bianca

edit: I do have the addon code of the previous installed version, but not the download package (installed through interface back then) . I just installed it and it seems to work. However I am curious why this addon is no onger available. Is it still safe to use?

Thanks, Bianca


Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: Contact multilingual how?

Hi there,

I had a similar question a while ago. Maybe this will be of some use for you.

Goodluck, Bianca

Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: Integration into existing site without header?

Hello Frank,


I am not sure sure what you mean exactly but I suppose you are referring to a specific template?

Through the admin panel you can switch to an other template (theme) that gives the site a different look and feel.
If you want to remove menu items or replace them with others click on the content tab followed by page manager.

If you want to get rid of the whole menu and header ( which not many people do but sure it possible) you need to adjust the template file.
I do not know your skill level and experience with php but search for the the bit something similar to the code below (it may be a bit different) in the template.php of the selected template (through FTP or hosting admin). In the example below the first bit is about the header. The second about the menu (navigation menu)



Hope this helps. If all explanations are neither what you meant than I please clarify what you would like to accomplish. maybe even send a link.

Best of luck. regards, Bianca


Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: social sharing per post

Hi I managed to work out something which does meet my wishes. For my current sites I integrated sharaholic buttons into the template by making an additional template just for the blog (to make it only appear there)

However I am still curious if something like an integrates sharing option will become available.
For example: an author wants to enable or disable sharing on a per post level. Is anything like this easily to be done? 

Well alls good for now :-)

Cheers Bianca

Edited: 8 years ago
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Topic: social sharing per post

Hi Josh e.o,


Hope you are well. Josh, I have a question. Forgive me if this has been asked before but I did not see it in the current comments. I know there are social sharing plugins already available but is it possible to have an integrated version into the Simpleblog? Or is there an "easy" way to build it in by myself in one of the plugin files? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Bianca

8 years ago
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Topic: no images to appear in blog index
Thanks for clarifying Josh. Didn't notice that.
 I will have to think of something then .... posts are too long to show in overview. But thanks for getting back to me.
9 years ago
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Topic: custom tweak question

Totally brilliant!
Thanks a lot Stano. Will implement it straight away :-)

Kind regards Bianca

9 years ago


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