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Topic: Cookies

ah, ok, thanks for this info!

You'll never stop learning-and that's good!!!-


1 year ago
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Topic: Cookies

using Chrome Browser, see attached screenshot.


1 year ago
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Topic: Cookies

Hi Jürgen,

thanks for the fast reply. No, couldn't find any JS errors. But even when calling your site ("Typesetter Addons") the cookie appears (even without any login)...

Thanks CS

1 year ago
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Topic: Cookies


on some sites using Typesetter a "cookie_cmd" appears, which is somehow empty. Does anyone know  what this is about and/or how to get rid of it. Is this cookie subject to DSGVO?


Thanks CS

1 year ago
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Topic: Problem opening gallery

Thanks Jürgen,

works fine now (after applying the css trick). The galleries weren't touched since quite some time. Concerning the updates, I updated each time an update was published (incl. the fixes...)


Thanks again.

2 years ago
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Topic: Problem opening gallery

ok, if I can be of any help to find and fix this bug, go ahead and let me know!


2 years ago
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Topic: Problem opening gallery

Hi juergen,

happy new year!

It worked fine with 5.0.x. Newly created galleries behave as they should be.

Thanks for the support.

2 years ago
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Topic: Problem opening gallery


the following error message appears when trying to open/edit a gallery:

Debug Info




messageCannot use 'in' operator to search for 'class' in undefined

stackTypeError: Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'class' in undefined at Object.getData (eval at <anonymous> (http://.../include/thirdparty/js/jquery.js?v=5.1:2:2622), <anonymous>:347:35) at Object.gp_editor.resetDirty (eval at <anonymous> (http://.../include/thirdparty/js/jquery.js?v=5.1:2:2622), <anonymous>:431:21) at eval (eval at <anonymous> (http://.../include/thirdparty/js/jquery.js?v=5.1:2:2622), <anonymous>:471:19) at gp_init_inline_edit (eval at <anonymous> (http://.../include/thirdparty/js/jquery.js?v=5.1:2:2622), <anonymous>:541:7) at eval (eval at <anonymous> (http://.../include/thirdparty/js/jquery.js?v=5.1:2:2622), <anonymous>:566:51) at eval (eval at <anonymous> (http://.../include/thirdparty/js/jquery.js?v=5.1:2:2622), <anonymous>:566:18771) at eval (<anonymous>) at http://.../include/thirdparty/js/jquery.js?v=5.1:2:2622 at Function.globalEval (http://.../include/thirdparty/js/jquery.js?v=5.1:2:2633) at text script (http://.../include/thirdparty/js/jquery.js?v=5.1:5:26520)





Has anyone any idea? Thanks


Edited: 2 years ago
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Topic: strip_tags in title-tag

... isn't meant to contain ...

Yes, that is right, but If someone uses it this way :-) the "strip_tags" would be a good and safe way to clean that up and prevent from looking ugly. Never mind... I will try the hook approach.

Thanks /cs


2 years ago
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Topic: strip_tags in title-tag

Hi everyone,

is there any chance to get something like a "strip_tags" to the head's title-tag?

I use the configuration's "page-titel" to design the (navbar-)brand appearance a little bit, but the inserted style-attribute will than appear in the browser's tab or title bar. With the "strip_tags" it will be gone there, but the brand is still well modified.

For the time beeing, it works when manually changing "/include/tool/Output.php" line 1354., but only until next update...

What can I do to place this request?




2 years ago


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