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Topic: OnePageToolkit and 5.1


Thanks /cs

2 years ago
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Topic: OnePageToolkit and 5.1


after installing 5.1 the "OnePageToolkit (1.0b2)" causes an Error after trying to select "Section Edit". And the "Editor" does not come up at all.

Here is the Debug Info:

Request http://...?cmd=ManageSections&gpreq=json&defined_objects=&_=1503092622236
message Cannot read property 'scope_height' of undefined
stack TypeError: Cannot read property 'scope_height' of undefined at Object.OnePageToolkit.checkSectionsInScope (http://...addons/OnePageToolkit/OnePageToolkit.js?v=5.1:216:66) at http://...addons/OnePageToolkit/OnePageToolkit.js?v=5.1:54:22 at dispatch ( at r.handle ( at Object.trigger ( at at Function.each ( at m.fn.init.each ( at m.fn.init.trigger ( at m.fn.init.m.fn.(anonymous function) [as resize] (
responseStatus 200
statusText OK
type GET

Any ideas?

Thanks and have a nice weekend


2 years ago
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Topic: _lock Problem


After contacting the ISP, everything is back in order. It was an
"Application-Firewall" problem/setting (or so).

Thank you Jürgen and florincybereye for the tips!


3 years ago
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Topic: _lock Problem

the funny thing about it is that I have an additional "typesetter" installation in a subfolder running (since years), which is working fine...

I'll contact the ISP, and keep you informed.

3 years ago
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Topic: _lock Problem

Yes, the error is:

POST http://.../index.php/Admin_Theme_Content/Edit/w6xxtc8?cmd=in_iframe 403 (Forbidden) -> VM146 w6xxtc8?cmd=in_iframe:1

nothing new I presume

3 years ago
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Topic: _lock Problem

the custom.scss file(s) looking well formated and good to me (permission of the folders 755 and of the files 666). It won't work even after deleting these files (design changed, but still 403 when saving/previewing)

I am at a loss here....

3 years ago
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Topic: _lock Problem

Hi Jürgen,

thanks again. No I haven't changed anything in .htaccess. I just saw that the .htaccess file permission has been set to 444 iso 644 (???).

I switched the permalinks settings. No change in behaviour. (after permission is reset to 644!).

I remeber that I was opening a second browser-tab (while logged in as admin) in order to switch between tabs to see the changes I made in the custom-css. After trying to "save" the 403 error occured since then. hmm, maybe some mismatch with user rights or so...? Something must have been "broken" during this operation...

No idea, still not working.


Edited: 3 years ago
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Topic: _lock Problem
Report Errors is set to on and "debugging" to true, but no errors reported at all (?)
3 years ago
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Topic: _lock Problem

Thanks Jürgen for taking care!

ok, now it's 2 Layouts. When I hover over the "default" I get this numbers-letters name (w6xxtc8).


Edited: 3 years ago
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Topic: _lock Problem

Thanks for your answers.


For the 403:
How many active layouts do you have when you click Admin Toolbox->Appearance->Layouts->Manage ?

in "Layouts" I have 4, and in "Available Themes" it's 6.



In my case, the _lock_* file appears in the "data" folder, there isn't one in the main "html" directory. But as Jürgen pointed out that should be normal. I can properly login into the admin area and I am the only user. I haven't changed anything concerning htaccess, but thanks for the link. I will look for the "autosave" stuff and keep you informed.





3 years ago


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