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Topic: _lock Problem


since today I can not use the "layout" preview nor the save function anymore, an error 403 page is generated instead. Upon investigation I found a "_lock_...." file in "data" main directory which disappears after loggin out.

Has anyone any ideas on this? I already tried deleting browers cache etc. as well as tried in different browers.



3 years ago
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Topic: OnePageToolkit in Chrome
no Kaspersky in use here!
3 years ago
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Topic: OnePageToolkit in Chrome

Hi Jürgen,

thanks for your fast reply. Yes I am on Win10 with the same chrome version you mentioned above (64-bit). 


now also tested on Win8.1 (Surface 3). Same scrolling here. So this seems to be an chrome issue...


Edited: 3 years ago
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Topic: OnePageToolkit in Chrome


since some days (my guess is after a Chrome browser update), the sites using OnePageToolkit start to scroll (little by little) after an initial scroll (or after having selected a different section in the menu). It happens only in Chrome (not in edge, explorer, opera, ff). Any one else discovered this strange behaviour? Any ideas on that?

Even the 1PTK site is affected (or did I unfortunatly change a setting in chrome...)



3 years ago
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Topic: Background Slider in an Anchor Section

What's the purpose of this wrapper? Does it have a container class to constrain the width of the inner text section?

Yes, that what it is for and additionally I thought 

3. Add your above-all-slides-content section…

… to the SliderFactory's wrapper and aplly the class "not-a-slide" to it using Section Options

means, that it has to be inserted into a slide-wrapper-section (not text-section). But I just figured out that "not-a-slider" also works in that text-section. But maybe I am mixing up definitions like wrapper, sections and so on...

That's how the (well working) structure looks like:

Thanks cs

3 years ago
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Topic: Background Slider in an Anchor Section

Hi Jürgen,

thanks again for taking care on these subjects.

Did you apply the "not-a-slide" class or the noted inline styles to any sections outside a slider factory's wrapper?

No, I re-checked the structure of the sections and wrappers. There is only one "not-a-slide"-class assigned to a wrapper. It's the last wrapper within the "gpSlideWrapper". No other gpSlideWrappers are present in this project (also checked with published source-code). There is, however, a surrounding section-wrapper (makeFullWidth text-center) that only includes the gpSlideWrapper.


After I implemented the "auto heiht calculation" changes, everything works out right!!! No more "jump backs" and auto-height is perfect. The "gpSlide" (wrappers) are empty now and only include the styles for the background images. That works like a charme.

Next but...

still on "relative" on the "above-all-slides-content section (text)", when using "absolute" here, the whole section (content and the slides) is not displayed at all. But when inserting the style-line into the "above-all-slides-content (Wrapper-section)" (not text) ,"absolute" it is displayed, but the jump-backs are present again! ?!

So, with "relative" in text-section absolutly everything works (slide-down of the welcome-text, slides in the background of the first anchor-section and menu-jumps)-solved, I guess (if you think 'relative' is fine here)!

Thanks cs.



3 years ago
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Topic: Background Slider in an Anchor Section

If there are multiple low-height sections visible (inScope)...

ok, my last 2 sections are low in height (at least on my prefered screen resolution and viewpoet size). With the above mentioned "position: absolute" that won't work at all, but with "relative" the second last will work fine. Only the very last section jumps back a little bit and marks the second last active (in the menu). Is that mentioned hack already included in last version of the tollkit?

change the auto-height calculation...

That would be great!

Thanks again for the OnePageToolKit, it's a great plugin


3 years ago
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Topic: Background Slider in an Anchor Section

you suggested to use "absolute" in the style-values of the  ".not-a-slide" content section. But that lead to a non functional "slideDown" (jQ) and additionally when jumping to an anchor-section that is rather short (in height) it jumps back to the menu item before (no idea why, probably some selfmade issue...).

And the "dirty" workaround is just to add the same text as on ".not-a-slide" in a hidden (non visible) slide of the first background-slide in order to use the "auto" option in height control of the slider-controller (for respositivity).

Unfortunatly the test-site is not officially online, so I can not show it to you...

Thanks again.

Edited: 3 years ago
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Topic: Background Slider in an Anchor Section

thanks a lot Jürgen!

Finally I got it working, thanks to your fine tutorial above!

I had to change the "absolute" to a "relative" in the "above-all-slides-content section's" style attribute to prevent "menu to anchor" jump issues.(???)

And with a very dirty workaround (visibility: hidden in the first slides content), I could use the "auto" option in the slider-control height parameter.

So, again thanks for this!

Tomorrow I will try the fade-in proposal...


3 years ago
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Topic: Background Slider in an Anchor Section

So you mean to have a fixed content within the slider and above all slides.

yes, exactly, but only in the first 'anchor-section' (e.g. wellcome section). The following section have their own appearance (no sliders only background colors or images).

Thanks for your extensive  help...

Edited: 3 years ago


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