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Topic: Problem with update function

Hi, since v1.7a1 I do get the following error-message:

User Notice (1024) Too many redirects     in: /var/www/.../include/tool/RemoteGet.php     on line: 238

I guess it has to do with the update function.

Any ideas....?


10 years ago
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Topic: Colorbox Javascript CSS on for all pages - display normal i


you can also find a guide on that here in the documentation forum (with only 3 posts)

Just for info....

10 years ago
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Topic: Big problem with contact form


ahh, know I see your point: you want to have all these Informations to appear in the messages text area!


10 years ago
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Topic: Big problem with contact form


I just tested it and -from my point of view- it works all correct. I guess it has to do with your Email Application, that the 'sender' is not shown when displaying the Mail! In Thunderbird all informations concerning the mail are present.


10 years ago
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Topic: Comment function for Simple Blog


yep, it is working now correct ('allow comments' and deleting of comments)!!!

-Would be nice to have edit-text also for 'Add comment' button and for 'cloese-' and 'open' comments in Admin.

-One more nice to have: a seperator between the blog-date and no. of comments

e.g. 2010/03/23  |  Comments: 2 or  2010/03/23  [Comments: 2] or whatever...

Great!!! Thanks

10 years ago
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Topic: Comment function for Simple Blog

Hi Josh,

can't install the new updated simple blog, It requires 1.6.1 which I do not have and can not find???

-Concerning the 'allow comment' it is that wheather it is checked or not, comments are always allowed!

-If I remeber right the logout problem always occured when having installed a new release of gpEasy or a plugin, will check with debug on.


Edited: 10 years ago
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Topic: Comment function for Simple Blog


great to have the comment feature!!! Here are my comments:

-in configuration the 'allow comments' checkbox has no effect

-I can not erase a comments. After deleting a comment it just jumps to the first blog-entry, but nothing happend (the deleted comment is still there)

The rest looks just great!!!


[edit] p.s. a seperator between the blog-date and no. of comments would be nice (from my point of view)

e.g. 2010/03/23  |  2 Comments or  2010/0/323  [2 Comments] or whatever...

Edited: 10 years ago
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Topic: Persistent log in using Chrome...


concerning the Login/Logout issue (b) I had it also with firefox. I could get it to normal by erasing the specific cockies... But the issue reappears from time to time!


10 years ago
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Topic: WYSIWYG Editor

Hi Wess,

hmmm, (just for info) I have 1.6RC5 installed and everything is fine with the editor (comes up totaly normal)....There must be something broken with your installation, I guess.

10 years ago
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Topic: Image decription corrupted in galleries


with the above mentioned change in /include/css/additional.css I just noticed that the 'Special_Galleries' page will not be displayed correct anymore. The no. of images and image-text (e.g. 3 Images) moved to the left and is now in the same position as the preview thumbnail (on top of it)?!?

10 years ago


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