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Topic: htaccess rules and possible issues

I didn't mean change the whole site settings when you want to edit, I meant that maybe there is a way to just temporarily override these settings to disable it when someone logs in as an admin - and only on their computer.

12 years ago
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Topic: htaccess rules and possible issues
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Topic: htaccess rules and possible issues

Solution?  I have an idea for what might be a solution for browsing for images.

If you comment out the lines

//define('gp_indexphp_root','/'); //define('gp_indexphp',false);

then it works. It seem that it doesn't really matter about the .htaccess.

Would it be possible, when an admin user logs in, or when you click to edit a page, for to override these settings and turn it off (showing the index.php/). And for general users viewing the site not logged in, those lines of code would be turned on, hidding index.php from the url...

12 years ago
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Topic: trying to make a plug in - fatal error Class 'Special_test'

found the problem. I hadn't changed the class names inside the php file to match the names in the ini file.

12 years ago
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Topic: trying to make a plug in - fatal error Class 'Special_test'

Hi there,

 just hoping someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I can install the Example addon, but when I copy it, rename it as test, change references in the ini file, and install it, and try and view the page, or the admin page, I get a message saying


Fatal error: Class 'Special_test' not found in /mysite/include/special.php on line 68

Fatal error: Class 'Admin_test' not found in /hosting/sites/volunteer/thinkdownriverorg/include/admin.php on line 101


any help much appreciated


12 years ago
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Topic: New, impressed, but a few questions...

thanks for those pointers. Setting themes on a page per page basis is great - and will be so useful - I dind't even notice you could do that! And even if I build my custom PHP pages as templates, and just add them to one page in the site, that should work.

and i'll try install in xamplite too.


12 years ago
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Topic: New, impressed, but a few questions...

firstly, just like to say this is the first cms i think i can actually get on with - and might actually save me time rather than consume my time!

Just a few questions though.

Custom contact forms - the standard form is great, but often I need to create bigger forms, the results of which are handled by custom PHP scripts, which then redirects the user to a thanks page. How could I start to create somthing like this in GPEasy?

Content on specif pages: For example, if my design has 3 columns, and I create a section to use in the right column for example 'View our events listings' then of course, I don't want this box to display on the events listing page itself. Is there a way I can make this show on just certain pages?

I would like to create some 'special' pages, which are in the menu, but use custom php to get into from database, xml etc etc. would I have to create 'plugins' or something for this?

12 years ago
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Topic: htaccess rules and possible issues

did anyone get anywhere with this? I think it would be much nicer if the 'index.php/' wasn't in the url...

12 years ago


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